Power uses Bluetooth

LAS VEGAS–This is the thing that Bluetooth was imagined for: a tong you stick in the dirt of your plant that lets you know when to water it.

The Flower Power is a contraption that Parrot will convey to advertise at some stage this year — there is no word on cost yet while the organization works out the amount it can escape with charging. The fork has sensors that send the data they get from the dirt of your plant by means of Bluetooth to an iPad application.

When you have told the application what the plant is, it cross-references the data got with the information in its database to let you know which day it needs watering, regardless of whether it’s getting enough sun, and if it’s hot or frosty.

You can move the tongs to various plants, and see data on them all on your tablet screen. It additionally chips away at yards.

What amount would you pay for something like this? Tell me in the remarks beneath.

The iPad application has data on various sorts of plants, in addition to how much dampness, daylight thus on they require

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