Facts About the Toyota Tundra

The Toyota Tundra has been in production since 1999. Before the introduction of the Tundra, Toyota had predominately been known for its production of the smaller more compact Tacoma pickup truck. Like other Toyota vehicles for sale in Blauvelt, the introduction of this truck meant entering a completely new market with some very tough competition.

The Tundra was notable for being Toyota’s first full-size pickup truck. In the first year of sales of the Tundra, the Japanese automaker received multiple awards for the truck’s design. The vehicle closely resembled other North American full-size trucks and was known as the T150 (a nod to the Ford F150) during initial production, although the name Tundra was chosen when the truck was introduced for purchase.

In 2002 the truck was updated to include a crew cab variant with four fully functional doors and enough seating for a family. This move allowed the truck to become a competitive work truck, allowing an entire work crew or commuting crew to fit into the vehicle without compromising on safety by riding in the truck bed.

In 2007, a new Tundra was introduce that offered the shopper a dizzying array of options. To give you an idea, thirty-one different body configurations were available to choose from. Instead of introducing other full-size trucks that would force competition between the brands, this move from Toyota allowed the North American market to experience real choice and customization while keeping the focus of the Tundra on being a solid vehicle.

Over the years, there have been several special editions of the Tundra pickup. Back in 2008, a special Ivan “Ironman” Stewart edition was introduced as a tribute to the racecar driver that often drove Toyota vehicles. Stewart specialized in off road racing, helping solidify Tundra’s reputation as a tough and capable vehicle. The next year Toyota further emphasized this theme with a special edition Tundra titled the Rock Warrior. The vehicle came equipped with specialty shocks designed for off-road driving. The first full-size truck to come out of the Japanese automaker previously known for small vehicles was showing itself to be very competitive in the North American market.

Over the last fifteen years the Toyota Tundra has surprised the market. What started as an outlier vehicle has quickly become one of the top work trucks on the market. The Toyota Tundra has been a vehicle that has convinced many people to purchase a Toyota, when they may have opted to go to an alternative brand if the Tundra had been less flexible or rugged. For now, it seems like the Toyota Tundra will remain popular with buyers.

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