Direct Access Scheme Training

Riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun, but it is also a practical means of transportation, as it is affordable, and a bike is a lot easier to steer through heavy traffic and on congested roads. However, before you take your motorbike out on the road for pleasure or perhaps to commute to and from work, you will need to take and pass the DAS Training short for (Direct Access Scheme). You will have a thorough grasps of the rules and requirements that affect you riding your bike safely and legally, once you have completed the course.

An Introduction to DAS Training

If your goal is to get your full motorcycle license with no restrictions, then DAS training is ideal for you. To take the training you will need to be aged at least 24, but an exception is made to the age requirement for riders who have held their A2 license for at least 2 years and who are on the progressive access route. You must be able to confidently and safely ride your motorbike if you don’t hold an A2 license, and you must also have participated in CBT.

You are allowed to operate both automatic and manual bikes if you take the test on a manual bike, so it pays to do that rather than use an automatic one for the test. The power output requirements of any bike used for the DAS testing is at least 595cc and not more than 40kw. You will be awarded an unrestricted motorbike license once you pass the DAS test, which allows you to carry a passenger, and ride on the motorway as well as ride any type of manual or automatic bike.

Finding the Right Training School

Because DAS training allows you to legally ride a wide variety of motorbikes, it is understandably popular among riders of all skill levels, and easy to find a school offering the training. Many London schools offer full motorcycle training, including DAS and CBT training, allowing potential riders to get their unrestricted license.

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